Amaline, November 2021

Fantastic consultation. Very convenient since I'm suffering from a migraine and can't get out of bed. Doctor was friendly and understanding. Good communication, fast and efficient. Thanks.

Tania, November 2021

Awesome appointment this morning, the Doctor was friendly and very involved in our consultation - scheduled appointment was on time & all documents received promptly.

Donna, October 2021

My experience was very good. It is the first time I have used this option but I think it was great to speak to to doctor online and get what I needed. Getting the prescription and being able to send it on to the chemist and pick it up 30 minutes later was great.

Nabaa, October 2021

An excellent application that shortens many things, the first of all is time and in complete comfort by following up with the doctor online with enough time to raise the problem, explain it and fix it. Thanks for this app.

Sommah, October 2021

First time seeing a Doctor online and absolutely loved it, especially for my son. At our usual Doctors we have to wait at least 2-2.5 hours, here we scheduled our appointment and it was on time. The Doctor that helped us was awesome, straight forward and asked proper questions. He was able to provide us with a prescription and it will be available at our pharmacy, so easy and fast, really appreciated this service.

Eddie, October 2021

I accidentally found your online doctor service I was absolutely delighted with the help and rapid results what a great service from a hard working team I thank you all for coming to my rescue.

Hayley, October 2021

Fantastic service, great doctor who listened to all my concerns!! Fast service, got script straight away, booked the time for doctor within half an hour, just Fantastic!!!

Anipale, September 2021

This consultation with Dr Mark Hutchinson was the best ever with a Dr I have never met before. He greeted me in my own language, he asked me how I was and was so approachable, I felt like he really cared. I could share easily with him and he was efficient, thorough, clear and personable. I would love him to be my regular Doctor.

Cherrie, September 2021

This is my first time using Bettr and what an amazing online health service this is - user friendly, prompt, punctual, informative, reassuring. Thank you so much, I will definitely be recommending Bettr to my whaanau and friends. Continue with this amazing online service.

Denise, September 2021

I love this way to get repeat meds and just talk to the doctor. It’s like we have all the time to talk and didn't seem hurried.

Gail, August 2021

I found my appointment to be an enjoyable experience. Instructions to join were straight forward and easy. Conversation flowed well. The consultation exceeded my expectations. The outcome was also satisfactory. Brilliant service, thank you.

Brendan, August 2021

My Doctor was booked solid until late next week and then telephone only, so booked with Bettr. Clear and professional visual experience between Lower Hutt and Auckland, $49. How good. They have super-cheap rates if you join. By the time I got to my pharmacy the prescription was waiting.
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