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See your doctor online without leaving home.

Bettr is a new way to see your doctor right where you are right now. Online.

You can book an appointment immediately. Depending on availability, you could even be seeing a doctor within minutes. Then when your appointment arrives, you just connect online with minimal waiting. The same NZ registered doctors you already trust, ready to consult by video or phone whenever and from wherever you need them. 

This is your doctor’s appointment done … better. Quicker, easier, cheaper, but with the same high-quality service you should always expect. All backed by the largest independent healthcare network in New Zealand.

Our Doctors.

Seeing a doctor online might feel new and unusual, but our doctors are the same trusted doctors you can visit in person right here in NZ. Our online doctors tend to your needs with the same quality of care that you receive with a trip to your local clinic, just without the need for the trip. We're hiring!

Doctors background image
Doctors background image

Dr Antonio Medina

Dr Fazlus Chowdhury

Dr Hussain Al Jumailey

Dr Mohammad Jabir

Dr Matthew Smith

Dr Paul Hutchison

Dr Raj Shekar

Dr Premkumar Vembudayan

Dr Reshma Thota

Dr Uday Krishna Kulhalli

Dr Usha Shekar

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Ready to help.

You might be surprised by the wide range of conditions Bettr can take care of for you. As long as it’s not an emergency situation, our doctors can help you with allergies, rashes and skin problems, respiratory problems, coughs, cold and flu, medical certificates, prescriptions and more.


Acne, Cellulitis, Dry Skin, Eczema/dry skin, Fungal Skin Infection, Hives, Herpes (Cold Sores), Impetigo, Intertrigo, Itchy Scalp, Lumps, Psoriasis, Ringworm, Rosacea, Scabies, Shingles, Skin Allergies, Skin Abscess, Skin Conditions, Skin Rash, Warts.


Acute sinusitis, Asthma, Bronchitis, Chest infection, Chronic sinusitis, Cold, Flu, RTIs, Glandular fever, Hay Fever.

Mental health

Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia.

Digestive and Abdominal Health

Constipation, Diarrhoea, Digestive Problems, Food Poisoning, Gastritis, Gastroenteritis, Heartburn, Indigestion, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Kidney Stones, Norovirus, Stomach Ulcers.

Minor Injuries


Infectious diseases

Chickenpox, Cold, Flu, Coronavirus, Glandular fever, Shingles.

Oral Health

Bad Breath, Tonsillitis.

Vision, hearing problems and head pain

Blepharitis, Conjunctivitis, Ear Infections, Ear Problems, Eye Problems, Hearing Loss, Headaches and Migraines, Swimmer's Ear, Tinnitus.

Sexual Health

Contraception, Erectile dysfunction, Herpes (Cold Sores), Urinary Tract Infections/cystitis.

Hand and foot issues

Gout, Foot Infections.


Allergies, Quitting Smoking, Ear Infections, Hair Loss, Heartburn, Weight loss.

Your medical needs, just a click away.

Bettr isn’t just an online doctor chat. A consultation gives you access to a full suite of services, including prescriptions and repeat prescriptions*, medical certificates, lab tests, second opinion/diagnosis, referral to specialists, travel medicine and WINZ Forms*.

Free for children under 14.

All Bettr consultations are free for patients younger than 14. That includes children that aren’t enrolled in Bettr, so you can just make an appointment for them without any worry of what it will cost you.

Book Bettr Today.

We’ve worked hard to create a healthcare system that puts the most important person at the centre: you. If you’re ready for a Bettr experience with your doctor, start with us today.

Want a visit in-person? We can do that too. Find a clinic >

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What we treat

Access a full suite of healthcare services

As long as it’s not a medical emergency you can make a doctors appointment at Bettr and get help with a wide range of healthcare services such as; ACC follow-ups, hand and foot issues, fevers, allergic reactions, rashes, skin problems, respiratory problems, coughs, cold and flu, medical certificates, oral health, mental health and many more. For more details on what we can (and can't) treat see our treatment services.

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Register for more.

Bettr's online doctor service is available nationwide to everyone. If you're in Auckland you can register and see a doctor online or in-person at any of our 40+ GP clinics.

Plus more great benefits:

The price of Bettr consulations drops to $45, and under 14s are free!

Get access to all 40+ Local Doctors GP Clinics and White Cross Urgent Care clinics

Most in-person GP consults are $20 or under when you register

*If you require face to face to treatment following your online consult, you can be referred to one of our nearly 50 GP clinics from Whangarei to Christchurch.
*Most in-person GP consults are $20 dependent upon the clinic

Register for $45 consults
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If you're in Auckland you can register today and see a doctor for $45. You can also see a doctor in-person at any of our 40+ GP clinics for under $20*. Learn More