Seeing a Doctor Online FAQs

  • What kinds of problems or care need are not suitable for online consultation?

    The following types of problems are not suitable for telehealth:

    • serious, urgent problem likely to need a physical examination.

    • If you are unable to use the technology (e.g. confusion), physically disabled or have serious anxieties about the technology (unless relatives or friends are on hand to help).

    • If you are deaf (some deaf and hard-of-hearing patients may find video difficult, but if they can lip-read and/ or use the chat function, video may be better than telephone.)

    • If you are aged under 18 (ie under the age of 18, do not have your parent or guardian consent and presence during the consultation.)

    • Speak only very poor English or have English as a second language and do not have access to an interpreter during the consultation.

    • If you are visually impaired a telephone consultation would often be best for you.

    • If you need controlled drugs. Our doctors will not provide any controlled drugs even if they are “repeats” for ongoing conditions. Any controlled drug has to be provided only after an in-person consultation so that the doctor can physically print and sign the prescription for you to take away. E.g. most of our doctors cannot supply methylphenidate or duromine. 

    Learn more about what we can and can't treat.

  • Can I only use Bettr for a certain kind of sickness or injury?

    Actually, no. Telehealth is used today to treat everything from the common cold to post-surgical wound care. Everything from migraines to acne can be treated while using this technology. It’s common today for doctors to use these tools to coordinate patient care, or to use them in their clinics. Learn more about what we can and can't treat.

  • Are video and phone calls the same price?

    Yes. The cost is related to the doctor’s time rather than the technology used.

  • How much does it cost?

    The cost of a video consultation (telehealth visit) to see a Tamaki Health doctor varies depending on whether you have already enrolled as a regular patient of one of our GPs (are “enrolled/registered”) or not (“casual”). Check the website price list for up to date fees and what happens if “I want to change or cancel my visit”.

  • How can I pay?

    There is a secure payment portal as part of the appointment process. You can pay with EFTPOS, all major credit cards or by bank transfer. Payment must be made before the appointment is confirmed. Learn more about pricing and payment options.

  • Can I book even if I am not a Local Doctors or White Cross patient?

    Yes, regardless of whether you are an existing patient or not you can make an appointment. If you are an existing Tamaki Health patient either through Local Doctors, White Cross or East Tamaki Healthcare you do not need to enrol with Bettr, simply fill in your details and we’ll do the rest. Please note that at this time new patients cannot arrange a telephone virtual consultation of any kind or a video consultation for a new ACC (accident or injury) concern.

  • Can I book for someone else?

    Yes, you can book for yourself or you can book on behalf of someone else. At the patient details step of the booking process simply select ‘no’ when presented with the question ‘Is this appointment for you?’

  • What languages do you offer?

    For now, we are offering consultations in English only. However many of our doctors speak other languages fluently and we expect to be able to offer consultations in other languages in the near future.

  • Can I register with Bettr outside Auckland?

    You can currently only register with Bettr in Auckland or Palmerston North. To learn more please visit our registration page. 

  • Do I need to change my GP to use Bettr?

    No you don't need to change your GP, you can use a Bettr online doctor and keep your existing relationship. When making a booking you can choose to have your notes passed to your existing GP too so they are aware of the online appointment?

    If you don't want to change your GP then the prices are still free for Under-14's, $45 for registered patients and $59 for everyone else. Learn more.

  • Can I chat with a doctor online?

    You can chat to a doctor online via Bettr but our service is based on video and audio calls only. So whilst you can book in for a video or phone call it is not, at this current time, text based chat. We do usually have same day appointments available and Bettr is available to everyone in New Zealand so you can still 'chat' with a doctor today

  • Why have your prices increased?

    It is no secret that primary healthcare is under immense strain, brought on by decades of underfunding, workforce shortages, and more recently intense inflationary pressure. Our business, like others, must act to ensure we can continue to offer a sustainable service. We are pleased to say that even after the increases are implemented, we remain considerably cheaper than other online doctor options. Our promise to you, is that we will continue to keep our prices as low as possible, and our pricing model as simple as possible.

About the Consultation

  • How long is the appointment?

    An online appointment lasts for 10 minutes of face to face time with the doctor and allows the doctor another 5 minutes to complete other tasks such as writing letters on your behalf.

  • What happens if I need more time?

    If you need more time at the end of the consultation you should discuss this with your doctor before the consultation ends. The doctor may suggest booking another telehealth appointment or a face to face visit. There may be an additional or new charge for this; please discuss this with the doctor.

  • Can I cancel or change my appointment?

    Yes, you can change or cancel your appointment. Please note there may be charges to do this within 24 hours of the cancellation. Please see our cancellation policy.

  • Can I see a male/female Doctor?

    The list of available online doctors includes male and female doctors.

  • Where are the doctors based?

    All our doctors are based in New Zealand (mainly Auckland based) and are experienced licensed medical practitioners registered with the Medical Council of New Zealand.

  • What happens if I need a follow up?

    If you need a follow up, you and the doctor should discuss this before the consultation ends. The doctor may suggest booking another telehealth appointment or a face to face visit.

  • What happens at the end of the telehealth consultation?

    The doctor will check with you to ensure you understand what they think the problem is and what should be done about it. This may include any or all of the following:

    • Arranging another follow-up appointment for you
    • Arrange a lab test eg a blood test for you
    • Arranging a face to face appointment for you
    • Writing a referral to a specialist or allied health service eg hospital, physiotherapist
    • Sending you some educational material about your condition/problem.

  • Can I choose my own Doctor?

    You can choose your doctor from the list of available doctors.

  • The Bettr doctor is not my regular GP; will my regular GP be informed about this telehealth consultation?

    If Tamaki Health is not your usual doctor you will be asked to identify your usual GP or health clinic and for permission to send a copy of your visit records to this doctor/clinic. You may decline to do this.

  • How hard is it to see my doctor with Bettr?

    If a patient can navigate a search engine or use a phone app, telehealth is a tool you can use. To have a video conference with a doctor you need a good Internet connection and a computer or phone with a built-in microphone and camera. If your device doesn’t have these tools, they will need to be purchased. Telemedicine software is very easy to navigate for patients of all ages.

  • How can the doctor really know what’s wrong if I don’t see him or her in person?

    The doctor can “see” a patient via a video screen, but in fact, it’s the patient history that provides about 90% of the clinical diagnosis. A virtual consultation can prevent unnecessary trips to a doctor’s or urgent care clinic. Think of these visits like a “virtual house call;” the doctor sees and diagnoses over a phone or computer screen.

  • Are the Doctors registered?

    Yes. All our doctors are experienced licensed medical practitioners registered with the Medical Council of New Zealand and appropriately experienced and trained in primary care and in the unique advantages, challenges and limitations of telehealth consultations. 

  • If I choose a phone consult will the Doctor call me?

    All our phone consults are conducted online so whether you choose video or phone you will still need to follow the same process of 'joining' the call by clicking the link in the SMS or email you receive once you've booked. The Doctor will join you online at the time of the scheduled appointment. We do ask for your phone number when booking in case the Doctor or the Bettr team may call you before your appointment or if you run into a technical issue. 


  • Can I order my prescriptions online?

    Yes, you can order prescriptions, unless you are a new patient who is seeking a prescription for the first time. In this case you will be directed to see one of our doctors face to face in person.

    For an ongoing / long term condition that is stable, a doctor would only give a repeats once for 3 months, but would require to see the patient in person the next time around. Effectively, a patient with a stable ongoing / long term condition needs to see a Doctor in person at least once every 6 months for a full assessment. 

    Our doctors will not provide any controlled drugs even if they are repeat prescriptions for ongoing conditions. Any controlled drug has to be provided only after an in-person consultation. 

  • Can I get controlled drugs through Bettr?

    No, we do not under any circumstance provide controlled drugs via Bettr. Our doctors will not provide any controlled drugs even if they are “repeats” for ongoing conditions. Any controlled drug has to be provided only after an in-person consultation this includes commonly requested medications such as methylphenidate and duromine.

  • Can I get a vaccination?

    No, but you can find your nearest clinic that does by visiting our clinic finder.

  • Can I still go to my usual clinic?

    Yes, you can see your usual doctor face to face in the usual way. Copies of your consultation with the virtual doctor will automatically go to your usual doctor unless you tell us otherwise.

  • What if I am not satisfied at the end of the consultation?

    If you are not happy please speak with the doctor at the end of the consultation about your concerns. If you wish to provide formal feedback or make a complaint, please visit our feedback/suggestions page.

  • How do I provide feedback about the telehealth consultation?

    If you are happy or unhappy after the visit ends you can provide feedback or lodge a formal complaint here.

  • What other available care options are available?

    You can choose another kind of consultation instead of a telehealth consultation such as:

    A “telephone only” consultation. Please note a telephone only consultation is available if you are a regular patient of one of our GPs (are “enrolled/registered”).

    A face to face consultation at any of our clinics nationwide.

  • Can you issue medical certificates and referrals online?

    Yes, we offer both those services.

    For simple medical certificates we usually provide straight after your online doctor appointment, we aim to email it to you within 1 hour. Learn more about getting your medical certificates online.

    Sometimes, you might need some additional care to get well. If your condition requires referral either to specialist care or to see a GP in person Bettr can provide referrals. Learn more about online referrals

  • Do you offer supervised RAT tests and certifications for travel?

    No, we are unable to offer supervised COVID tests via online consultation through Bettr. Patients are advised to visit their local GP or pharmacy where this service can be offered onsite and certification can provided within 20-30 minutes.

  • Can I used Bettr as a visitor to New Zealand?

    Yes. As long as you are located in New Zealand at the time of your appointment you can use the Bettr service. Please ensure you have access to the email address you book your appointment with or have a local phone number. This is so you can join the call. 

IT, Security and Privacy

  • What happens if there’s a technical problem?

    If the telehealth consultation fails (picture stops or freezes or sound stops) the doctor will immediately ring you on your mobile number to assist you or complete the consultation on the phone.

  • Does my computer have a camera?

    Most modern laptops have an inbuilt camera that is visible at the top of the screen. If you are not sure where to find it or how to use it you may need to get a relatives or friend to help with this before the telehealth consultation

  • Is it secure and private?

    Just like normal doctor’s appointment, your Telehealth visit will be private and confidential. It can only be seen and heard by the health care professional involved. If you have any questions, please speak to your health care professional during the consultation. this healthcare service uses systems that meet recommended standards to protect the privacy and security of the video visits. However, the service cannot guarantee total protection against hacking or tapping into the video visit by outsiders. This risk is small, but it does exist.

  • How do I join a video or phone consult on Android or iPhone?

    1. Please click the consultation link in the email or SMS 5 minutes before your scheduled appointment time.

    2. When prompted, enter the birth of date you provided when you made your Bettr appointment.

    3. You will enter the waiting room. You do not need to do anything other than wait. When it is time for your consultation the doctor will admit you into the consultation room.

    Important note: Please remain on the waiting room page until you see or hear the Doctor. If there is a problem or the Doctor is running late, a member of the Bettr team will contact you.

    4. Once the Doctor admits you, you may be asked if Bettr can access your microphone or camera. Please select ‘Allow’.

    5. You will now be in the consultation room; you should be able to hear the Doctor on a phone consult and hear and see the Doctor on a video consult. Your consultation will begin.

    Allow Bettr App


    • If you cannot hear the Doctor or if the Doctor cannot hear you on a video consult or phone consult.

    Check to see if the microphone icon has a line through it. If it does click to turn on the microphone.

    • If you cannot see the Doctor on a video consult

    Check to see if the video icon has a line through it. If it does click the icon to turn on the video.

    • If you cannot see or hear the Doctor on a video consult

    Check to see if the video and microphone icon has a line through it. If it does click both icons to turn on the video and sound.

    Check video and mic

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