About Us

We believe everyone deserves access to high-quality healthcare that is affordable and hassle-free. Focusing on improving the health and wellbeing of our community, with our Telehealth service Bettr we are helping to achieve it by giving access to your GP online. 

With Bettr, we are providing a convenient alternative to traditional doctors appointments. Going virtual with consultations, you get all the help you would expect from an in-person doctor's appointment but from the comfort of your own home — or wherever else you may be.

Doing away with wait times, queues and commutes, we make healthcare easy.

We’re trusted

Bettr is owned and operated by Tāmaki Health, New Zealand’s largest independent primary health care group.

For more than 40 years, Tāmaki Health has led the way in progressive, community-focused healthcare services. Starting with one Otara clinic in the 1970s, Tāmaki Health's network has grown to 40+ clinics across Auckland and New Zealand.

As the management services organisation that operates Local Doctors, White Cross and Bettr, the team at Tāmaki Health provide more than one million consults a year as we strive to keep our patients and communities happier and healthier.

Same team. Same care.
With Bettr, you get access to the same trusted doctors that you would at any clinic within the Tāmaki Health network. This means that whenever you book an appointment online, you can expect the exact same high-quality expertise and care as you would receive during an in-person visit to your local clinic.

Even better yet, when you register, you get access to all the services offered at our Local Doctors and White Cross clinics at enrolled patient's discounted rates. Your records are also then made available across the network, meaning that no matter when, where or how you see one of our doctors, all your patient history is at hand to ensure we deliver the best care possible.

Why we created Bettr

Now, potentially more so than ever, easy access to secure, high-quality and affordable healthcare is essential to ensure better health outcomes for our people and communities.

With changing healthcare habits, new technologies, and temporary restrictions to medical access, all making seeking treatment for everyday health concerns difficult, we knew the time was right to explore innovative new solutions.

Through the implementation of technology-led development, we sought to establish the following:

  • A credible alternative solution to in-clinic consultations
  • A service that allows patients to book virtual consultations online – via phone or video
  • Enhance the care journey of our patients as part of our overall service offering
  • An effective way to manage and interact with patients with long term conditions
  • And ultimately, enhance the health outlook of our patients and communities

The result of this is Bettr, New Zealand's first purpose-built virtual health platform.

With consultations able to be conducted by video or smartphone from the privacy of a person's home, Bettr healthcare represents a new direction for healthcare in New Zealand. Another tool at our disposal, Bettr both complements and enhances our current services, whether they be virtual or in person, to aid us in our mission to provide better healthcare for all.

When should I use Bettr?

Virtual doctor consultations are a fast and safe way to make sure you can get the medical attention you need, right away, anywhere. They are perfect for appointments when it might be difficult for you to travel, or if you simply prefer the privacy, comfort and safety of your home.

In many cases, an online doctor can even see you the same day you book, and appointments are very affordable (see our pricing here).

Is Bettr suitable for my health needs?

Many non-urgent and non-critical health concerns can be addressed remotely via online doctors consultations. These include, but are not exclusive too:

  • Allergies, skin conditions and rashes
  • Respiratory problems
  • Coughs, cold and flu
  • Mental health and wellness
  • Oral health
  • Infectious diseases and infections
  • Smoking cessation
  • Digestive and abdominal health
  • Minor injuries
  • Medical certificates, referrals and lab tests

Learn more about what can and can't treat

If you seek to address any of the concerns above, then a virtual doctors’ appointment through Bettr will be well suited. Alternatively, if you think your health concern is likely to need physical examination, then arranging an appointment to see a doctor in person at your local clinic will be the best course of action.

Please note: If you have a health emergency or are in severe distress, please call 111 for immediate attention.


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If you're in Auckland you can register today and see a doctor for $45. You can also see a doctor in-person at any of our 40+ GP clinics for under $20*. Learn More