Doctors in Sylvia Park, Mt Wellington

Local Doctors Sylvia Park is a full service general practice clinic, supporting the community with comprehensive and affordable healthcare services. Right in the heart of Shopping Centre, you can get high quality healthcare at a convenient location.

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What we care for

Our skilled team of GPs and nurses provide both immediate one-off and ongoing care to help our patients get and stay well. We take walk-ins, and offer some services such as minor surgeries by appointment.

We can help with everything from prescriptions, screenings and immunisations, to long-term support for treatment and management of chronic health conditions. We provide health care for the whole whanau, from babies to teens and adults at all stages.

We cover all aspects of general health, including mental health services, injury care for sprains, strains, bumps and bruises, contraceptive care, general checks and screenings, immunisations, and even minor surgeries can be done in clinic, such as for vasectomy or issues such as skin abnormalities, ingrown toenails or growths.

Our clinic is ACC accredited, and we can help with assessments and recovery care plans for accidental injuries.

If you need a referral to another health service or specialist, we can help with that too, and a pharmacy and radiology service are conveniently located within the shopping centre if required.

Bettr, supporting our clinics

Bettr’s online service is the perfect complement to our clinics, giving you the balance of convenience with the comfort and confidence of complete general practice services with a regular doctor that’s close to you. With Sylvia Park as your regular clinic, Bettr’s accessible online care provides a great backup if you need care in an evening or on a weekend. Or, if you need to check-in with a doctor but either can’t, or don’t think you need to, see one in person.

Our team are well trained to provide a range of physical services that Bettr can’t do remotely, such as minor procedures, examinations, tests, screens, prescriptions, ACC assessments and more. As part of the Tamaki Health network, Patients enrolled with our clinic network also benefit from reduced rates for Bettr appointments, at just $15 per appointment (or free for children under 14).

If you are given a prescription during your visit, you can organise repeat prescriptions through Bettr, or vice versa. With all our clinics and Bettr linked through the same system, your records are available wherever you need them.

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Local Doctors Sylvia Park is a walk-in clinic, accepting visits every weekday 8am–5.00pm.

How To Get Here

Sylvia Park 3 Te Kehu Way, Mount Wellington, Auckland 1060

Phone 09 573 1265


Our friendly team are ready to help. Warm friendly and diverse, members of the team speak English, Fiji Hindi, Hindi, Gujarati, te reo Maori and Punjabi, so we can help people from all backgrounds feel at ease.


For enrolled patients, fees at our Sylvia Park clinic start at $15 for adults with a Community Services Card or $18 for those without. Appointments are always free for children under 14 whether they’re enrolled or not, and we extend free appointments to enrolled youths aged 14–17 as well. If you are enrolled at Sylvia Park, or any other clinic in our network, you also get access to Bettr appointments for just $15 (or again always free for kids under 14).

Learn more on the Local Doctors Sylvia Park page

Online or a clinic, what's best?

If you’re unsure whether to see a Bettr doctor or to visit a clinic, you might be surprised just how much we can take care of in an online consult. Most common health concerns can be tended to easily and effectively. Even repeat prescriptions are easy via Bettr. (Prescriptions for new or restricted medicines might require an in-person visit).

If you do end out needing to see a doctor in-person, we’ll refer you to our nearest clinic and your in-person visit will be either free, or you’ll just pay the cost difference between your original online appointment, and your in-person follow-up.

If your health concern requires a physical treatment or test (like immunisations, a cervical, prostate or other exam, or skin tag and wart removal for example) it’s likely best for you to head into one of our clinics.

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