Emergency Doctors Henderson - 24 Hour GP and Urgent Care, West Auckland

White Cross Henderson is an urgent care walk-in clinic. Our doctors, nurses and support team are here to help you any time day or night. We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so you can see us even during evenings and weekends.

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What we care for

White Cross Henderson is always open when you need us. We support our West Auckland community offering comprehensive 24/7 urgent care for accidents and injuries. We can help with all manner of minor injuries, from breaks to bruises, colds and flus, to lesions and sprains and from insect bites to sports injuries. Our experienced team are skilled doctors and nurses who can quickly and carefully assess you and act quickly to provide care and relief. An ACC accredited clinic with extensive experience in high quality urgent care, we can help with immediate assessment and treatment and can also support your recovery and return to health after any accidental injury.

Wherever needed, we can refer you to other services and provide prescriptions and referrals. With private x-ray services odental, physiotherapy and a pharmacy all right here, it’s easy to get follow-up treatment and medications after your appointment if needed. In addition, our specialist centre offers appointments for a range of supplementary care services, such as plastic surgery and appearance medicine, breast care, ear care, cannabis care, podiatry and orthopaedics.

If it’s a regular doctor or ongoing GP services you need, our adjacent sister clinic Local Doctors Lincoln Road is in the same building, and can provide high-quality, low-cost GP services for you and your whanau.

Come see us at White Cross Henderson for all your urgent and accident care needs. We’re always here.

Bettr, supporting our clinics

White Cross Henderson 24/7 provides urgent care so is able to help in the situations where an online doctor services cannot meet the need, such as where emergency treatment is needed that requires hands-on care. Henderson urgent care can help with wound or injury assessment and treatment, initial ACC care, and can also do vaccinations and immunisations.

If you have a Bettr appointment and your doctor determines that you require immediate care, they will refer you to a physical clinic and Henderson 24/7 is always open to help in these instances. As part of the wider Tamaki Health network, the Henderson White Cross clinic will have access to your Bettr appointment information ensuring seamless care can be provided and picked up where you left off online.

On-site x-ray, dental, pharmacy and physiotherapy services make it easy to sort additional tests and prescriptions if those are needed after your appointment too.

After your appointment at Henderson, follow-up care can in many cases be taken care of via Bettr appointments.

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White Cross Henderson is a walk-in clinic providing urgent care for accidents and injuries, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

Finding Us

White Cross Henderson is located at 131 LIncoln Road, Henderson, close to the motorway and to public transport, with plenty of parking available.

131 Lincoln Road, Henderson
Open Monday–Sunday 24 hours

Phone 09 836 3336


Our friendly and experienced team are ethnically diverse and languages team members speak include English, French, Filipino, German, Gujarati, Hindi, Italian, Spanish, Tongan.


Fees depend on whether you are enrolled with the Local Doctors and White Cross network, and whether you have a Community Services Card. We offer reduced rates for youths aged 14–17, and appointments are always free for children under 14 whether they’re enrolled or not. If you are enrolled at any other physical clinic in our network, you also get access to Bettr appointments for just $15 (or again always free for kids under 14).

Learn more on the White Cross Henderson clinic page.

Online or a clinic, what's best?

If you are having a serious medical emergency such as severe injury, uncontrolled bleeding or trouble breathing, please call 111 straight away for an ambulance.

If your need is not life-threatening but you still have a more serious concern that needs attending (such as having an injury that needs immediate medical attention, or a baby with a high fever for example), then urgent care at White Cross Henderson will be suitable.

If your need isn’t urgent, but you’re still unsure whether to see a Bettr doctor or to visit a clinic, you might be surprised just how much we can take care of in an online consult. Most common health concerns can be tended to easily and effectively. Even repeat prescriptions are easy via Bettr. (Prescriptions for new or restricted medicines might require an in-person visit).

If you have had an online appointment but your Bettr doctor thinks you do need to see a doctor in-person, we’ll refer you to our nearest clinic. Your in-person visit will be either free, or you’ll just pay the cost difference between your original online appointment, and your in-person follow-up. Your Bettr doctor may still refer you to White Cross Henderson if we think you need to be seen urgently or if your health concern requires a physical treatment or test (like immunisations, a cervical, prostate or other exam, or skin tag and wart removal for example).

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