The best way to see a doctor when you’re away

Going away during the summer holidays is an institution for many Kiwi households.

With schools paused until the new year and many workplaces having compulsory shutdowns, that short period between December and January is too good to pass up.

From quick weekend getaways at the family bach to week-long stays camped up at the beach, there is certainly no right or wrong way to make the most of the holiday season. However, when we do leave home, no matter how long for, we all do one thing in common — we pack and prepare.

For most, this is focused on the essentials; think food, tents, clothing and medicines (others may include BBQs, rugby balls and body boards on their lists). They’re basics that keep us healthy, happy and safe, and for those who experience stress when they go away, they help to give some surety and keep us in the moment.

But, as with most things, we can't be fully prepared for everything – and that's OK. From flat tires and burnt sausages to broken jandals and lost sunnies, these unexpected things happen and are often easily managed. However, the same can't always be said when it comes to unforeseen health 'events'.

Sunburns, mosquito bites and hayfever – these are pretty much a given, particularly if you're going to the beach, and they're easily managed and medicated with remedies you can find at the supermarket. But what about other ailments and injuries that are a little more serious? Well, they're a bit trickier.

The fact is, injuries and accidents happen and we get sick despite our best efforts not to. When at home, the resolution is simple. We make an appointment at our local doctors, we see a GP or a nurse, and we get set on the pathway to recovery. However, when we are on holiday, and away from home, this isn't so easy.

Several options have existed for those seeking medical help when out of town:
You can pack up the family and head home to see your family doctor, or;
Head to the nearest township in search of a local clinic that takes casual patients.

Neither option is overly appealing. The first can be costly, time-consuming and could cut your holiday short. The second is heavily dependent on where you are staying and comes with the added stress and hassle of seeing someone who doesn't know you or have your records.

But now, a better option exists – Bettr online doctors.

Why Bettr is your go-to for holiday healthcare

With Bettr, you have access to high-quality, affordable and hassle-free healthcare no matter where you are seven days a week. Whether it's from the poolside, beachside, bedside or car ride, all you need to see one of our doctors is your phone (or tablet/computer) and internet access.

With no app to download, you can book an appointment online via our website in just minutes. Don't let your appointment dictate your days' plans, select the time and doctor that works best for you.

With no queues or wait times, we'll send you a message before your doctor consultation is due to start with a link to your waiting room. When your time arrives, our doctor will admit you to your virtual appointment and conduct the consultation.

There's no registration needed to book a Bettr appointment online. However, if you are an enrolled patient within the Tāmaki Health network (Local Doctors and White Cross) you will benefit from reduced costs and our online doctors will have access to your records for more cohesive care.

Virtual doctor consultations are free for patients under 14, making a great healthcare option for young members of the family. For everyone else, when you register, you'll have access to NZ's cheapest online doctor consults (more on pricing here).

What holiday health concerns Bettr can help you with

From unexpected tumbles in the ocean waves to a dry cough that spread around the campground, many non-urgent and non-critical health concerns may arise during your holiday that require medical attention.

Have you developed an odd rash after a bushwalk? Have you eaten something funny that's left you with a sore stomach? Perhaps you sprain an ankle falling off the back of the biscuit? Then Bettr is the perfect tool to help you get back to summer. You can see our full list of health concerns that Bettr is suitable for here.

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