How tech is enabling patients and doctors

As in almost every area of life, digital innovation is shaking up how we manage our health. A wide array of apps and programmes are already widely in use to support good health. These range from simple wellness self-management tools such as diet, exercise and meditation support, to more clinical tools like prescription reminder apps and smart technology integrated into health devices. A promising time for both patients and practitioners, digital tech is paving the way to easier and more effective treatment of many health concerns and even chronic illnesses such as Type 1 diabetes and heart disease among many others.

And it’s not all driven by impersonal software and automation. As technology helps patients and health professionals alike to save time, money and improve the care patients receive by automated means, it’s also opening up better and faster ways for us to engage directly with our healthcare providers when we need to.

Far from making healthcare a less personal experience, technology is making it easier than ever before for us to connect with our healthcare team. And with less time spent doing the work tech can now do for them, healthcare professionals can spend more time working with patients for better health outcomes.

Apps are now widely in use that let us easily book doctor appointments online, removing the time it takes to make a call, (and usually wait on hold) to book a consult. The reduced waiting times don’t stop with booking appointments either. Apps, like ours at Bettr, that let us not only book our medical appointment but also log on for an online doctor chat are now commonplace, making it easy to see a GP from the comfort of our own homes. What’s more, many health services also offer direct messaging or chat to support patients’ online experience too.

Research shows apps that are easy to use have much greater uptake and yield greater benefits for the user by encouraging consistent use. This is one reason Bettr is designed to make our online doctor appointments easily accessible through a simple text or email link, without having to download an app to your mobile device to access your appointment–it’s all provided through your browser on your phone or computer.

Ease of use is crucial, so patients can have one less thing to worry about when organising to talk to a doctor online. Making it simple means better access for people who are time-poor, or less familiar with the technology. This kind of equal access is one of our most important priorities here at Bettr, in our service and pricing as well as in our innovation and design. It’s why we’re always improving how Bettr is delivered, and it’s why Bettr also comes backed by our entire network of over 40 GP and urgent care clinics all over Auckland and beyond, so we can care for you online, and in person too.

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